The Eagle Has Landed

Posted by Oli Hart on 21st June 2019

The beginning of the month was the launch of Orbit (the pun that never dies) and it was a great success. We would have been satisfied with just one sale, so we’re really happy to have sold half of the stock. If you are a lucky owner of Orbit I hope you are enjoying the game. Please post your reviews on Board Game Geek, and send us any comments or ideas you have for future additions.

We are still mulling over the possibility of Kickstarting a full production run in the next year or so. We’re considering some additional features and mechanisms in the next version too, so watch (this) space. In the next couple of weeks we will be releasing a ‘how to’ video for first time players. If you’ve got some people new to the game it might be an easy go to for an explanation.

A big thank you to everyone who visited the stand at the Expo and also to everyone who supported us over the past two years. It’s because of the great support we received at last years’ event that we decided to push on and release this limited edition of Orbit, and it was lovely to see people coming back this year to get a game and have a chat. We have a great community of Orbit enthusiasts and we love every one of you!

Oli demonstrating Orbit at the UKGE

If you want to add some real world context to your games: I highly recommend the BBC documentary ‘The Planets’, of which the first four episodes have aired so far. It’s one of the most immersive space documentaries I have ever seen. There are some awesome visuals and an interesting narrative of the latest research into planetary history, made possible by some groundbreaking exploratory missions.


You may have noticed the odd reference to the moon landings with the titles of our blogs! If you love all things space, I would recommend a listen to ‘13 Minutes to the Moon’. It is a slower program and more of a historical account, but if you are interested in the moon landings, and especially the successful Apollo 11 mission (very much a direct predecessor to the board game!), then you can’t go wrong.

Happy Orbiting!

Image of Saturn courtesy of NASA