Defenders of Dragonfell

Defenders of Dragonfell is a cooperative “Tower Defence” style eurogame, where a team of 1-6 unique heroes (aged 10+) join the fight to protect their village against waves of monsters of ever increasing difficulty.

Attacking is dice based and a few bad rolls can quickly turn the tide of battle. To triumph the team must balance: using actions to attack the hoards (which earns them gold), with investing in building defensive towers (which takes several actions, but provides additional attacks each round).

Defenders of Dragonfell is an Action Point based game. Heroes can either, move, shoot or build to make their way across the map and start killing off the attacking wave of monsters. Killing monsters earns the hero gold, which they use to buy one of the unique tower types. Each tower works differently and by placing them strategically, powerful combinations can be created to save Dragonfell.