New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Gemma Crundwell on 21st January 2018

The New Year is all about setting resolutions! Back in June 2017 we went to the UK Games Expo and presented Defenders of Dragonfell at the Wyverns Lair. We had some positive feedback and ideas for further development from Lewis at Braincrack games but no firm commitments. Since June we have done a fair bit more work on the game and started some work on other ideas, however the arrival of baby Crundwell in October has somewhat slowed development! So, 2018’s resolution will be to focus on Juniper Games.

We had our first official business meeting on the 11th with dinner at The Pint Shop in Cambridge. Where it was decided we would exhibit at the 2018 UK Games Expo in June. Ben and Oli are going to work on finishing two of our games and while working on our games is important, it’s pointless if people don’t know about them! Ben has read Jamey Stegmaier’s “A crowdfunder’s strategy guide: build a better business by building a community” twice! Jamey highlights the importance of building a community of like minded people, who can help us develop our business, our games and ultimately might even buy some of our games too. So, I’ve decided to start building our community and brand by blogging/releasing a regular newsletter – what else are you supposed to do while on maternity leave!?!? I’m also going listen to as many blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and read as many books and magazines as I can.

We’ve got big plans for Juniper games in 2018 so watch this space!